Hi, we're Amy and Dusty!

We are high school sweethearts and have been playing games together since we were kids! Our love for tabletop games started with Magic, Battletech, Dominion, Small World, Munchkin, you name it! We have even played our fair share of Rummy with Dusty’s 90 year old grandmother.

After our son was born, we started Rody and Rory Lavender Farm. We planted several hundred lavender plants and began creating custom flower presses. I began studying flower farming, and Dusty, who LOVES miniatures, started painting them. It was then that our epiphany happened…we could take everything that we had learned over years of running our businesses and use that to make a board game!

Dusty had grand plans of miniatures and fantasy sci-fi games (and that will still happen!), but, like everything else in our lives, flowers started to take over! I wanted to include all my favorite things: vintage book design, pretty flower illustrations, vintage maps, travel, and period pieces (I’m a sucker for British tv dramas and everything Jane Austen). Thus, Botany was created! Dusty immediately thought it was an intriguing idea, and, once we started doing even more research into the lives of plant hunters, our game quickly grew into something more than just collecting pretty flowers.

Dusty is the brains and wit behind the writing and running the business, and I am the designer and researcher for all things botanical and pretty. Together, we brainstorm gameplay that is quick to learn with depth of strategy.

We can’t wait to share our love of board games and plants with everyone!